DIY Soybean sprouts

I used to love a dish that my mom cooked with minced big taugeh + minced pork.  Taugeh means beans sprouts and big taugeh is sprouted from soybeans.  My parents had little education and did not earn much those days but my mom always cooked delicious and nutritious meals food for us.

This is just one example.  It doesn’t look very presentable but it’s full of protein from the meat and beans. It’s cheap, and quite easy to prepare.


Fast forward to the current era.  A handful of soybean sprouts from the wet market will probably cost only 1 Malaysia Ringgit, but most times only half can be eaten after discarding spoiled ones.  Plus, living in this fast paced and modern era of profiteering, only God knows what was added in the sprouting process to enhance growth and size!

On the other hand, the good of this modern era also means the convenience and wealth of information sharing at our finger tips.  Hence. I was made to believe that we can actually sprout our own beans very very easily at home!

Step 1: Buy soybeans.  I chose organic ones since it was only RM5 ish for a medium sized pack.

Step 2: Soak beans for at least 8-16 hours (depending on climate)


Day 0: Beans changed size and shape after soaking for a few hours

Step 3: Discard water and cover beans with a damp cloth, leave in a cool place indoor (away from sunlight)


Day 1: Sprouting..

Step 4: Rinse with water at least 2 times a day, rinse the cloth, cover the beans and let is be


Day 2: Ready to be eaten!

I believe the duration of the sprouting process depends on the quantity of beans soaked.  The above is just a small handful, hence they were ready within 2 days.

Take note that they aren’t as fat as those sold in retail, simply because we do not add in additional ‘enhancers’ to make them fat!

Totally natural!






六十石山金針花海 Hualien, Taiwan



I was extremely lucky to have the chance to visit this place.  Literal translation will be “Sixty Stones of Day Lily Flowers” Read more about it HERE

It was a very difficult drive uphill with extremely winding roads.  I was also double lucky to be there in August – September as it was the flowering season!  So, these pictures are quite precious.





360°海稻村 at Taitung, Taiwan

If you are looking for a bed & breakfast stop along the east coast of Taiwan, this is a highly recommended stop.

Website : HERE  Facebook : HERE


The bungalow is owned and managed by a friendly lady helped by her daughters.  They were extremely nice and warm.


A glimpse of the living room


Sunrise was at 5am


Homemade bread for breakfast



What could be better than having breakfast with view


Google Map Location below: