Sunset @ Deep Water Bay, HK


This was just a random shot from a bus while I was heading back to town from Stanley.

It was the end of April, the weather was still somewhat cooling and breezy before summer hits, you can spot people enjoying the nice weather while having a BBQ.

Beautiful isn’t it? I miss HK…


HK: Sai Kung Floating Seafood Market


Fresh seafood!

Seafood was our reward after an energy draining hike at the island 😀

The Sai Kung floating seafood market was a vibrant and colorful.

We chose to buy from a middle aged couple.  Somehow we had a feeling that they will quote more reasonable prices compared to other younger operators.

How to order?


  1. Just pick the seafood that interest you,
  2. listen to the price, place your order.
  3. they will swing them up to you in a net
  4. take your goods, put your money in the net!


There have all sorts..from lobsters, mantis prawns, fishes, all kinds.  All fresh and alive!

How do you cook them?

Head over to any of the restaurants nearby, they will cook for you with a charge.

Yummy yum yum..










HK: Half Moon Bay



Head over to Sai Kung on your next trip to HK.

Half Moon Bay (Hap Mun Bay) is one of the top recommended beach in HK.  It is well preserved and well taken care of by the government.  There is a proper office with life guards on guard.  Washroom and shower facilities are well maintained and cleam.

It is very conveniently accessible, just head to Sai Kung pier and take one of the kaito (privately operated ferry).  The ferry ride is rather quick as the Sharp Island is only located about 2,000 meters away.


Although the locals said that the hike will be easy and only takes 45 minutes, we did not think so 😀  It took us more than an hour including photography stops.


No complains though. It was quite an enjoyable walk.  The scene could be better if not for the cloudy weather.  But then, it would not be such a cooling and windy hike if it’s a clear!

We took a short rest at the beach before taking another ferry back to mainland.


The original plan was to hike back and check out the Tombolo, another attraction of the island, but we were kinda tired.

Alternatively, I believe we can opt to head straight to Hap Mun Bay by ferry and hike towards the main pier where Tombolo is.  I think that’s a much better option.

Read more about the Sharp Island of HK , here