Roti Babi by POKC



Direct Translation : Pork Bread

What is it exactly?

It’s white bread, dipped with some egg and probably deep fried, so it’s slightly crispy and oily a.k.a. French Toast!  The filling is minced pork cooked fragrantly in onion and may be some spices that I couldn’t tell what they are made of. The pork itself is juicy and tasty.  Imagine biting into the bread and it’s pork filling together with a piece of fiery red chilli…you get a gastronomic high


I tried searching the net for an official definition of Roti Babi and ended up reading about so many different versions of the dish.  The most mentioned was about Yut Kee, a popular traditional Hainanese coffee shop in KL.  I’ve been there several times but was not that attracted to its version though.

Then I found this blog has quite a good write up about Roti Babi and the description is very close with what I ate.  Apparently, it’s a Penang Nyonya dish. Check out the recipe HERE!  I don’t think I’ll ever try to make it, getting hold of the long list spices sounded lke tedious and complicated process!

I shall pay RM16 at POKC for it.  Yup, POKC, is a brand new cool place in the D’sara Uptown.  Pretty nice place, if you are willing to pay slightly more for a nice place to have great comfort food.


photo 1

Coffee is good too!


photo 2

Super yummy Chocolate Truffle






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