HK : Cage Bed

I slept here for a night 🙂


I stumbled upon this when I was looking for an Airbnb to spend a night nearer to the hustle bustle of the city.  Why not ! I thought 😛 Instead of paying a few times more for a mini hotel room.  “It will be an unique experience” I told my friends.

Cage homes are real for some in HK due to very high cost of living.  The founder/owner created this Airbnb space to offer tourists an authentic HK experience. Read more about it HERE

I must admit that I was nervous not knowing what to expect and not sure if I would be able to sleep since I’m a very light sleeper.  We were prepared for an uncomfortable night..for the sake of an out of ordinary experience.

We arrived earlier than the specified check in time, we were allowed to enter to put our luggage while they were cleaning the room and beds.  Hence, the initial impression was not that good as the are conditioned were off during that time.  The room was somewhat stuffy and there was a slight unpleasant aroma.

We saw two air condition but hardly any opening for fresh air.  Well, hopefully it will be better at night, we thought.

There is a nice cafe downstairs and a also hip lounge area at the back of the cafe for guests to chill.  We had an enjoyable  coffee+wefie session.



Come night time , we reluctantly returned to our “solitary confinement” 😀

It was about 10.30pm, most of the other guests were not back yet, so only one air conditioned was on.  We switched on the other one and blasted it.  Later on, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a Xiaomi air purifier near to my bed, so I switched it on too.  After some time the room was cool and comfortable.

Shower and washroom amenities were sufficient, clean and comfortable.

Each bed has individual lighting and power sockets.


As for how did we sleep…for privacy purposes we were advice to “cover up” our space with towels or hang clothes around it.


Well, I experienced a slight claustrophobia anxiety attack while trying to fall asleep.  To be fair, I usually sleep with my windows open and I’d always prefer fresh air over an enclosed room.  For about 30 mins to an hour I was quite desperately hoping to get out for some fresh air.  Thankfully I managed to fall asleep and sleep quite soundly after some time.

It was definitely an out of ordinary experience and I have no regrets trying it.  But I think I will not do it again 😛


HK : Shatin

Our first 3 nights stay in HK was at an AirBnb stay in Shatin.

There is a bus stop right in front of our stay.  The bus ride from the airport was only 40 mins.  There are also frequent buses to Kowloon (20 mins) and Causeway Bay (40 mins).  The bus fares are reasonable and much more economical than taking the MRT.  Traffic was surprisingly good too.  We enjoyed using the bus as our main transport instead of the MRT.  Saved a lot too!

This is a view captured while we took a short walk to a nearby Tai Shui Hang village for breakfast.  Such a contrast to the hustle bustle in the city.


Shatin is obviously more relaxed to live in compared to the city centre.

The Shing Mun river is just across the main road where we stayed and is conveniently connected by an underpass.  It is a popular place for jogging, strolling even cycling.  We could see that locals here lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our host said that this part of HK is developing very rapidly mainly due to congestion in the city.

This area also attracts many investors from the Mainland China as it is relatively more affordable and geographically closer to home too.