The YOLO Run arrived to our shores for the first time this year.

Inspired by the aphorism “You Only Live Once”, the original concept of the run encourages participants to  Free Ourselves from labels, stereotypes, body types, etc.

I have not participated from a run since November last year…so it wasn’t so Free for me. Took me forever to complete 10km 😮

Overall, it was a good event.

Areas for improvement, in my humble opinion:

  • Provide an option for sleeveless/tank top running tee.  An ordinary sleeved tee doesn’t gel with the YOLO concept at all.
  • Perhaps…better material for the tee.  The official tee felt hot and stuffy, did not feel like a 2XU quality to me.
  • Need. Isotonic.  I read that the organisers couldn’t get a sponsor.  Come on…100 plus/Revive?!

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